16th church renovation. Monastero dell'Assunta Incoronata. Monastic Family of Bethlehem

16th church renovation. Monastero dell’Assunta Incoronata. Monastic Family of Bethlehem

Client: Monastic Family of Bethlehem

The brothers of the «Monastic Family of Bethlehem and the Assumption of the Virgin» has acquired a landmark Benedictine baroque monastery. The monastic church needed to be adapted to host the liturgy of an eremitic cloistered community that lives in a much more austere way. The challenge is thus to be able to transform a beautiful landmark architecture while respecting the existing structure, decoration and furniture.

The monastery was seriously damaged in the last earthquake focused in L’Aquila and received governmental founds for consolidation and renovation directed by the brothers of this Monastic Family.

Our proposal aims the renovation of the inside while respecting all existing elements. Hence a typical timber choir for the monks is created in the front side of the church. This choir is dividing the private space of the monks to a back praying room for the guests that assist to the liturgy. On the other hand the fully decorated baroque walls are covered with row rockwool panels on non-fixed timber frames in order to protect the existing elements but creating a much more austere atmosphere. Illumination and heating will also be studied within the project. The proposal is now being studied by the national landmark committee for approval.