19th church renovation. Currière en Chartreuse

19th church renovation. Currière en Chartreuse

MAY 2006

The Monastery of Notre Dame de Pitié in Currière is located in the mountains of Chartreuse, close to Saint Laurent du Pont, France. A former 19th century farm was transformed in the coenobitic chapel.

The existing structure of the farm creates a single open space only divided by the wooden columns, and this spatial amplitude is some disconcerting for the monks while praying. Our proposal aims to transform the existing open space into one single nave and two lateral naves.

Hence we are taking advantage of the original wooden structure to build dividing walls and “claustras” windows, so the new walls will enhance the beautiful old carpentry. A new apse will close the existing front to better host the ceremonies.

On one side of the chapel we have also designed a small oratory for the celebration of individual and solitary masses. It is formed of a coffered ceiling inspired in an upside-down hull. The structure of the ceiling is formed by a central arch and two ruled surfaces made out of straight wooden strips fixed to both straight sides and the central arch. There is also a new little altar and a sit for one person. The Most Holy will be permanently exposed in this small oratory.