Pedestrian bridge. Strömstad, Sweden

Pedestrian bridge. Strömstad, Sweden

Client: Strömstad Kommune. In collaboration with Envira Pro AS

bioGraphica, in collaboration with Envira Pro AS. has presented a proposal for a pedestrian bridge over Bojarkilen in Strömstad, Sweden. A slow ferry is overcoming the little fjord today and a permanent infrastructural device is a major need for the dense pedestrian traffic in the area. bioGraphica is taking this opportunity to create a new landmark element to become the spearhead for a city under expansion.

The bridge over Bojarkilen is a combination of two structural typologies: a cable-stayed bridge and a suspended bridge. In this sense, the bridge is very innovative but rigorous at the same time. The metaphor of the sailboat is evident, but this metaphor was not a design concept but a result of the structural system. In fact, the idea for the bridge is to elevate the deck as much as possible in order to have the highest possible clearance, and this is implying a tensile structure above the deck. In this sense, the vertical catenaries are the elements that provide the singularity to the bridge.

 The bridge is 63 m long and 3 m wide and is able to support the weight of pedestrians and cyclists as well as a snowplow tractor. There are two spans divided by a double Y form concrete pylon. The wider span (to the city side of the river) is 48 m long and the shorter span is 15 m long. The maximum clearance is 3,70 m from the average water level. the height of the pylon is 29 m from the water level.

Digital images: InfografXL