152 Units Residential building. Roquetas de Mar

152 Units Residential building. Roquetas de Mar

COMPETITION | JULY 2008 | FINALIST | In collaboration with SSMDV architects

The proposal is based on negotiation as an architectural strategy.

Negotiation between programs, between users and residents, between the public and the private sector, between the urban and the domestic side, between the interior and the exterior, between the form and the content, between functionality and beauty. The keystone to the project is installing two juxtaposed programs in the same building, the market and the housing and this way obtaining an urban establishment of both.

In our project the apartments are the main issue and the market has to maintain its function without losing its personality. A market with its own character but which is able to organize itself as a multicellular organism that adapts itself to the circumstances. This way, the market takes on a circular composition of cylindrical stalls to be able to adapt itself to the structural grid of the building. Also some rational, diverse, modular and well ventilated apartments that are orientated towards the outside and have an open patio inside for communal use.

As to its form, the building has round corners to soften its presence and to facilitate the use of the sidewalks. Both programs, the apartments and the market, have different facades so that they can easily be distinguished. Like that, the market has a curtain glass wall façade and the apartments look like a group of folding awnings that filter the sun on the terraces.